Legal Information

Prospective investors should not construe the contents of this website as containing legal, tax, or financial advice. To be clear on the contents and obligations contained within the Prospectus, prospective investors should consult their stockbroker, bank manager, lawyer, accountant or other professional advisor.

Potential Subscribers for shares in the Fund should be aware of all possible tax consequences, legal requirements, and any foreign exchange restrictions or exchange control requirements, which they might encounter under the laws of the countries of their citizenship, residence or domicile.

Prospective investors should inform themselves as to:

  1. the legal requirements within the country of their nationality, residence, ordinary residence or domicile for such acquisition;
  2. any foreign exchange restriction or exchange control requirement which they might encounter on the acquisition or disposal of the Shares;
  3. the taxation consequences which might be relevant to the acquisition, holding or disposal of the Shares. To this purpose he should consult their own attorney, solicitor or other professional advisor as to the legal, tax, financial or other matters relevant to the suitability of an investment in the Shares of Company's Name.

If you are in any doubt about the contents of this memorandum, you should consult an independent financial adviser.

The information provided on this website does not constitute an offer or solicitation to anyone in any jurisdiction in which such offer or solicitation is not authorised or to any person to whom it is unlawful to make such an offer or solicitation. Persons in receipt of the Prospectus are therefore required to inform themselves about and observe such restrictions.

An investment in the Fund involves economic and political risks typically found with investments in emerging markets. These risks include political and social instability, the possibility of expropriation, confiscatory taxation or nationalisation of assets and the establishment of foreign exchange controls which may include the suspension and the ability to transfer currency from a given country.

Certain economic and financial market information contained herein has been obtained from published sources prepared by third parties. While such sources are believed to be reliable, the management company, the Fund nor any of their respective affiliates or representatives assumes any responsibility for the accuracy of such information.

Risk Disclosure

Investments in the shares of the Fund will involve significant risks due to, among other things, the nature of the Fund's investments. Investors should have the financial ability and willingness to accept the risks and lack of liquidity, which are characteristics of the investments described herein. There will be no public market for the membership interest of the Fund and they will not, subject to certain limited exceptions, be transferable.

Because of the risks involved, investment in the Fund is only suitable for sophisticated investors who are able to bear the loss of a substantial portion or even all of the money they invest in the Fund, who understand the high degree of risk involved, believe that the investment is suitable based upon their investment objectives and financial needs and have no need for liquidity of investments. Investors are therefore advised to seek independent professional advice on the implications of investing in the Fund.

Tax advice disclaimer and warning

Prospective investors should consult their own counsel regarding any tax laws and regulations which may be applicable to them. Accordingly, prospective investors should consult their tax advisers in the countries of their citizenship, residence and domicile to determine the possible tax or other consequences of purchasing, holding and redeeming shares under the laws of their respective jurisdictions before subscribing for shares.