African Equity

The investment climate in Africa has shown strong improvement over the past decade and we believe that there is momentum, both internally and externally, that will continue to reward long-term investors.

Over the past decade, Africa has experienced a significant revival and far greater stability of growth amongst a far broader group of countries. The recent improved economic performance reflects some important underlying changes that have been taking place across the continent. The pace of reforms in improving the business environment has accelerated significantly.

Since 1983, African demography has undergone a structural change that should reduce pressures on fiscal resources, encourage savings, and support advances in productivity, with material benefits for sustained economic growth. The positive impact of such transition on sustained economic growth has garnered strong support from empirical studies conducted by The World Bank.

Externally, mobilization of international resources through the Monterrey Consensus, in the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals, will assist efficient governments in delivering the growth targets necessary to provide opportunities for their citizens.

Africa map