Key People

Greg Barker

Greg Barker Director, Research

- BTech Degree, Engineering, Cape University of Technology
- MPhil, Sustainability, University of Cape Town
- MBA Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town
Greg is a CFA charterholder
Greg has 14 years sustainability and fundamental investment research experience, and is a co-founder of Sustainable Capital.

Kevin Macdonald

Kevin Macdonald Director, Operations and Business Development

- B.SocSc Degree, University of Natal (Pmb)
- Honours Degree, Economics, Rhodes University
- Certificate in Strategic Management, Rhodes University Business School
- Executive Program, Customer Service Excellence, University of Stellenbosch Business School
Kevin has 18 years investment industry experience, and is a co-founder of Sustainable Capital.

Omar Fahmy

Omar Fahmy Senior Investment Analyst, Responsible Research

- Masters, International Finance, Instituto de Estudios Bursatiles (2010)
- BA, Management & Information Systems, MSA University/Middlesex University
Omar joined the team from Prime Investments (Cairo) where he was an assistant portfolio manager.
Omar speaks fluent English, Arabic, French and Spanish, and has over 9 years of investment management experience.

Guy Antoine

Guy Antoine CFA (Senior Investment Analyst, Responsible Research)

- CFA, BSc (Hon) Geophysics, BSc Physics/Applied Maths
- 10 years of experience
Guy has been involved in African financial markets since 2004 and as a senior equity analyst in Africa since 2010

Gareth Visser

Gareth Visser Senior Investment Analyst, Responsible Research

- CFA, CA (SA), B Acc (Hon) Cum Laude
- 7 years of experience
- Gareth brings the financial rigour of his accounting background and has been working in African frontier markets for the past 4 years.

Rishi Ramkorun

Rishi Ramkorun Head of Operations

- B.Bus.Sc (Quantitative Management), University of Cape Town
Rishi has 13 years experience in emerging financial markets. Before joining Sustainable Capital, Rishi was instrumental in building the operational capabilities for a Pan-African asset manager in Mauritius.

Lynton Burger

Lynton Burger non-executive Director

- BSC (Hons),MSC Rhodes University, South Africa
- MBA Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town
For close to 20 years Lynton has worked as a sustainability consultant to corporations, governments and donor agencies in Africa, Canada and Australia.
Lynton is based in Mauritius