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About Sustainable Capital

Sustainable Capital was founded in 2008 by investment professionals who are passionate about the impact Responsible Investment has on shareholder returns, and the operating environment and behaviour of companies. This impact has a significant role to play on the African Continent in the context of sustainable economic growth.

Sustainable Capital is independent and owner-managed with the sole focus of delivering long-term superior returns by applying Responsible Investment practices to listed equities on the African continent. In conjunction with independent research partners, the firm has developed proprietary Country and Company Sustainability Assessments specific to the African Continent. The sustainability results generated from these industry-specific assessments, and audited through bottom-up, in-house company research and management meetings, are fully integrated into the fundamental research and financial valuation process.

Sustainable Capital and Sanlam Investments have entered into an association focused on delivering sustainable investment returns from the African Continent. The blend of Sustainable Capital's specific expertise and focus with the strength of Sanlam Investments' brand and reputation not only strengthens Sustainable Capital's corporate structure but allows the Company to continue to focus on investment research.
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